Trek Day 4 - Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal

Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal - The view from our roomWhen we emerge from our rooms, the world is white. Hail has fallen so thick through the night that it blankets the ground like snow. Above the tree line, through breaks in the clouds are snow covered peaks. Over breakfast we learn that many of the local farmers are worried about the crops from all the hail (we learned upon our return to Pokhara that the storm devastated the area and destroyed a substantial amount of the crops in the region).

We begin our trek on a downhill trail, the ice crunches underfoot as we descend through a lush forest. Everywhere the sun breaks through the trees the ice is turning to slurry and by 10am it is mostly gone with only a few patches remaining. The air is so fresh and clean, the green of the trees and grasses so vibrant that it is like walking in a different world.

Tadapani to Jhinu, NepalTadapani to Jhinu, Nepal


We come to a downhill area with a narrow track and small mounds on either side which gave the idea to run and leap between the banks.

The hike this day was refreshing. The first 3 ½ kilometres were downhill through rainforest followed by 2km of uphill in woodland then the rest of the way to Jhinu was down through farming terraces. The second half of the trail has a view of the valley and when we were gifted by the majestic sight of an Eagle in flight.

 Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal

By the time we reached Jhinu, most of our group were weary from four days walking. So we rested and met some other travellers staying at the guest house.

  Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal

 Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal Tadapani to Jhinu, Nepal

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