Trek Day 6 - Tolka to Phedi, Nepal

Tolka to Phedi, NepalFrom Tolka we have a steep up for an hour or so before before have the long downward path to Phedi where we are to catch the bus to Pokhara.

The way up had us once more walking into the clouds through forest. If the clouds were not present there would have been excellent views of the surrounding valleys. It was like where we walked was apart from the world, no past or future just the immediate present.

The descent was down a seemingly never ending staircase.

All up the trek was approximately 60 kilometres over 6 days with the group ascending 4781 metres and descending 4542 metres, reaching a maximum altitude of 3210 metres above sea level. It was also just enough of a taste that I'm pretty certain that I will one day return to Nepal for more.

 Tolka to Phedi, Nepal

Tolka to Phedi, NepalTolka to Phedi, Nepal

An interesting thing to note about this trip will be your boots. At the end we noticed the soles and part of the outer were covered in silver mica dust.

Tolka to Phedi, Nepal

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