Trek Day 5 - Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal

Jhinu Hot SpringsThe 5th day began with a visit to the hot springs. Well almost, it began with the 1.2km walk to the hot-springs which were at the bottom of valley on the side of the river. The springs were wonderful and refreshing and for some of us, the first hot water we had felt in days. There were two pools divided by a shower area. We soaked for an hour here, the warmth rejuvenating our muscles and bones.

We returned to Jhinu, breakfasted and hit the road to Tolka. Everyone in good cheer, rejuvenated by the hot springs, we hit the trail once more. Today was mostly down for the 1st half then a gradual up all the way to Tolka. On the way to to Tolka a friend commented “Nepal, where they place a hill on a mountain then just for kicks they add another mountain”.

 Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal

 Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal

 Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal4-2

In Tolka we stayed at a large guest house where another group had stopped for the night as well. We all mixed and celebrated our five days hiking. The porters played drums and sang and we all joined in to dance and jump around.



The following day would be our last in the Annapurna and as such, as tiring as the experience was to most, we talked and drank long into the night celebrating our journey together.

 Jhinu to Tolka, Nepal

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